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As publishers of the Air Quality News media portfolio – we have the belief that open access to the majority of our content should be available to all.

We employ a team of journalists to bring you daily news, features, comment and analysis – and this will continue and their work will remain free to access.

However, we also have a further objective, which is to offer our readers more in-depth research and analysis from across many sectors involved in the air quality debate and this coverage is delivered by specialists who Air Quality News commission to write these articles.

We are therefore adding a premium content library to our Air Quality News website, which will be subscriber based. Our aim is to reinvest subscription revenues into new research to drive forward the agenda surrounding air quality.

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The complexities of delivering clean air in a multi-tiered local government system

Published on Wednesday 1st of February 2023
Beverley Nielsen
Associate Professor | Executive Director Institute for Design, Economic Acceleration & Sustainability
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Transport Sourced Air Pollution and Remote Emission Sensing. Identification of Real Driving Emissions

Published on Thursday 2nd of February 2023
Dr. Chris Rushton
University of Leeds
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A Report on Air Quality Near Schools

Published on Thursday 2nd of March 2023
Anil Namdeo
Professor of Air Quality Management and Net Zero, Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences Northumbria University
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How simulation techniques can be used to measure population exposure to high levels of PM2.5: A case study of London

Published on Wednesday 19th of April 2023
Hyesop Shin
Research Associate at the MRC/CSO Social and Public Health Sciences Unit at the University of Glasgow
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The impact of black carbon deposits onto snow and ice surfaces in the worlds glaciated environments

Published on Wednesday 19th of April 2023
Dr Phil Porter
Centre for Climate Change Research -School of Life and Medical Sciences - University of Hertfordshire
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Green Noise - Analysis and directions for more sustainable live music events

Published on Thursday 27th of April 2023
Martin Guttridge-Hewitt
Martin is a journalist who has been involved in the UK music sector for over 20 years, specialising in the intersections between music, culture & the environment. Journalist with Environment Journal
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Ian Packham reports exclusively for Air Quality News from Pakistan on the effects of the climate crisis.

Published on Tuesday 2nd of May 2023
Ian Packham
Adventurer, award-winning travel writer and motivational speaker.
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The Future of Lithium Batteries

Published on Tuesday 5th of December 2023
Simon Guerrier
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